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folder Backup Client (52)
Components include the Server Edition and Desktop & Laptop Edition backup clients, and application specific plug-ins.
folder Storage Platform (35)
Components include the Storage Platform Console, NameServer, FileServer, MirrorServer and the ReportServer.
folder General (14)

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document Backup Professional download links
For a list of all the download links, please select one of the following download areas.  Keep in mind that you need a valid...
02 Apr, 2009 Views: 5331
document KB197: Email Notification fails to send test message with v5 SE.
Symptom When selecting the Test button in the Email Notification (Reporting plugin) configuration, the follow error message is...
18 Apr, 2008 Views: 5324
document KB022: Changing the default allocated memory in Windows SE for V5.x and older
You need to modify two files to change the memory allocation in SE on Windows. For the SE service Open the service.properties file, located in...
16 Apr, 2012 Views: 4942
document KB208: SIMS/FMS plug-in information and downloads
Please refer to the V6 SIMS/FMS FAQ article for more information and download links: .
12 Jan, 2012 Views: 4695
document KB143: SMR plugin: Exmerge is unsuccessful and generates error 8007203a
Note that this comes from a Microsoft article 323546: SYMPTOMS loadTOCNode(1, 'symptoms'); When you try to export mailboxes to, or import...
23 Jun, 2008 Views: 4417
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document Running Attix5 Backup Pro version 5.1 or earlier as a non-admin user on Mac
The installed default settings for Attix5 Backup Pro version 5.1 or earlier will need manual permissions adjustment if the backup is to be run by a...
12 Mar, 2012 Views: 1956
document KB271: System State backup on Server 2008 (using WBAdmin)
Note: This fix is applicable to Version 5.1 (Attix5 Branded update) Attix5 have produced a new System State plug-in specifically for Windows 2008...
29 May, 2012 Views: 2962
document KB270: SP V5.1 Update 6
Note: This fix is applicable to Version 5.1 to use the WBAdmin plugin to backup the system state on Server 2008. The update can be downloaded...
29 May, 2012 Views: 1893
document KB269: How to restore SQL database files with a .DAT extension
Some older SQL servers created a *.DAT file when backing up the SQL databases. SQL unfortunately does not recognise the .DAT extension as a...
09 Sep, 2010 Views: 1948
document KB268: Fixing the SP Console font on Vista and Windows 7
On Windows 7 and Vista the Console cuts off the left- or right-most pixels of some words and numbers:   Loading this fix instructs the...
15 Jun, 2010 Views: 1515