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document KB118: GroupWise backup fails with NetWare 6.5 SP5 and SP6
After installing NetWare 6.5 Service Pack 5 or Service Pack 6, the GroupWise plug-in may fail with the following error in the backup log: "TSA has...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2152
document KB103: Changing the Storage Platform Overview Report delivery time
Steps to change the time for the Overview Report: Stop the NamsServer service Open the NSGUI.ini using notepad (default path...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 1795
document KB093: Rename Existing Account / Account Move between Groups
This article only applies to V4.4 and older.  In V5 a user can be move to another group from the Console. This article describes how to...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2458
document KB088: MS SQL Backup using two machines
This article outlines how to backup MS SQL with the Attix5 client and SQL plugin running on a separate backup box.  That way you do not...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2503
document KB081: Testing a connection to a Storage Platform
How to test if a machine can connect to a NameServer and/or FileServer? You have installed the backup client and it does not want to connect to...
08 Dec, 2008 Views: 2933
document KB079: Dell Powervault loses Raid configuration
How to resolve a missing storage volume in Dell Powervault On Dell servers with DAS specifically a Powervault 220s the RAID configuration gets...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 1983
document KB178: Nameserver won't start after the server ran out of disk space
When the server runs out of disk space the Nameserver is unable to write to it's database (LBtables) and the database is most likely corrupt. This...
11 Dec, 2007 Views: 2133
document KB042: How to move a Storage Platform to new hardware
Moving a SP to new hardware Build new Storage Platform and ensure that it has the same admin password and Server data location as the old SP...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 3003
document KB035: How to manually install or uninstall the NS or FS service
To manually install the NS or FS, open command prompt, go the the SP folder and run FS_Service /install NS_Service /install To...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2411
document KB034: Port blocking for SP
How to setup port blocking on Windows 2000/2003 Note that this will require a reboot. If you set this up via RAdmin or VNC, remember to include...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2318
document KB033: NameServer and FileServer both on port 443
How to setup the NS and FS on one machine with two IP's This assumes you have already installed the NS and FS on the same machine but the FS is...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2352
document KB029: SP behind firewall
How to set up an SP behind a firewall To set up an SP behind a firewall requires proper configuration which is visible from both the outside and...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2757
document KB021: Change of IP address for SP
How to change the IP address for an SP server Once you have changed the Server's IP you do the following. Restart the Name Server...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 3869
document KB010 - Storage Platform and IIS?
The Storage Platform should never be installed on a server running IIS. That is Attix5 policy. It is a security risk and from a software point of...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2025
document KB009 - User account allocation with more than one FileServer
I have more than one File Server. How do I know which File Server new users are created? When a user is added, the Name Server will creates the...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2173
document KB004 - Activation files to keep when re-installing the SP
This applies to re-Installing the BP Storage Platform on the same server. When re-installing the Backup Professional Storage Platform on the same...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2510
document KB147: What do those sizes related to patching mean in the logs?
What do those sizes related to patching mean in the logs?  A typical example in the Backup Client logs is: Message:11:54:57 Patched files: 7;...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2167
document KB001 - Change Storage Platform Data location
Note that the Storage Platform will be down while you move the data and backup users will not be able backup or restore data. Stop the Name Server...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2567
document KB145: Storage Platform installation during Disaster Recovery
Backup Professional v5.1 NOTE: Please ensure that you keep your unique Product Activation Key in a safe place, as well as the attix5server.key and...
23 Oct, 2008 Views: 2199
document KB168: BDE Update for Storage Platform 4.4
The BDE (Borland Database Engine) that comes with the V4.4 Storage Platform installation is should be upgraded to version 5.2. To check the...
27 Nov, 2007 Views: 2224