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document KB136: How to upgrade a D&L to SE
It is possible to upgrade a Desktop and Laptop Edition to Server Edition. The Nameserver will automatically assign a SE license to the backup...
22 Feb, 2007 Views: 2340
document KB134: No archive dates available with Snapshot Backup
When doing a snapshot backup, the backup stops and the last message displayed reads; No archive dates avaiable. This happens when you are doing...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2291
document KB132: Scheduler stops working
Symptom: Setting the scheduler to do a automatic backup seems to work for only one backup. After the backup the scheduler is disabled, no further...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2210
document KB112: Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters display as blocks
In the Server Edition or Desktop and Laptop Edition install folder there is a file called defaults.properties.  Open it in Notepad and take out...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2138
document KB106: Which is faster: backup or restore?
The restore process on the client is generally faster as complete files are being recieved and their is no need for patching. Compression can also be...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2137
document KB105: What are the criteria used to determine the capability of a backup client?
Disk access is a key criteria during the backup process. In general fewer files of larger sizes create a more efficient process as this reduces the...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2046
document KB101: Backup fails due to Database errors
Backup fails with one of the following errors: “Could not create backup: database disk image is malformed (this was on...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 3548
document KB100: Username cannot be empty for login
When you try to create or reconnect to an account and the FS displays the message: 17:08:19 Error: Username cannot be empty for login!...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2249
document KB098: Cannot increase the socket time out to more than 600 seconds
Please note that this is only a limitation in Backup Professional up to v4.1 You cannot increase the socket time out to more than 600 seconds in the...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2057
document KB095: Client error: "String index out of range: -1"
If the client reports this error when connecting to the NameServer or FileServer, it may be due to a problem with the certificate.  The...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2159
document KB085: 'Could not create the Java virtual machine' when trying to load the Backup Client GUI
Edit the file a5backup.properties. Add the entry application.memory=512 (where 512 is the amount of memory you want to allocate. The default is 256...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2718
document KB082: Corrupt client database
How to fix a corrupt client database. The backup client uses a local lightweight database to store and manipulate the list of protected files. If...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2780
document KB067: Backup fails with "database is full"
Version 3.4.3 If backups fail with an error "database is full" it means the index database cannot grow any more. This is usually because of a...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2392
document KB062: Restoring a single mailbox with SMR and AD
Restoring a single mailbox with SMR and AD Question from customer: I was helping a customer through a trial restore of an exchange server and I...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2483
document KB031: Untrusted SSL cert chain
When the client comes up with the error "Untrusted SSL cert chain" or similar during comms to the SP it is because it does not trust the certificate...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2746
document KB019: Making a snapshot backup using a Snapshot Server
NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO A SNAPSHOT DO DISK. Tips regarding more efficient snapshots - which files to copy. A standard first-time...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 3359
document KB006 - Backup Client Cache & ToBackup folders
If you have limited space on the drive where the backup client is installed, you can move the cache folder to another drive (or mapped drive). Open...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 3669
document KB137: Enable Debug Logging in SE and D&L
Edit the log.properties file located in the root of the SE/D&L folder. Change the third line entry from INFO to DEBUG. The first three lines...
03 Dec, 2008 Views: 2189
document KB140: Proxy server causes communication problems during a backup
There are some things to keep in mind when backups are done over a proxy server. The facts: Usually a proxy server is used by a number of...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 3008
document KB144: Backup fails due to overlimit on FS but limit is correct
Scenario: Data selection of 100MB is done. Account Limit on the Storage Platform is set to 150MB. When the backup runs, the backup fails with: ...
23 Oct, 2007 Views: 2859