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Backup Professional V5 release notes

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Posted: 04 Oct, 2007
by: Marais D.
Updated: 20 Nov, 2007
by: Marais D.


Optimise Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) features
Quite a number of enhancements are added in the Backup Client to optimise the functionality provided by Microsoft VSS.  A VSS database plug-in will be introduced to support database VSS readers and writers.  The VSS plug-in will also have the option to not use a dump file during the backup process and the Backup Client will update the cache slightly faster, if VSS is enabled.

Server Edition: 64-bit support
Backup Professional Server Edition is enhanced to support 64-bit platforms. 

Enhanced Auto-Update functionality
Auto-update functionality is introduced in all plug-ins as well as the MAC and 64-bit Backup Clients.

Desktop and Laptop Edition running as a service
The Desktop and Laptop Edition Backup Client is now installed as a service from version 5.0 adding robustness and additional functionality, including remote management.

Exchange plug-in enhancements
Exchange 2003 now supports restoring to the Recovery Storage Group and a plug-in for Exchange 2007 is also available. 

Oracle 10g plug-in
The Oracle plug-in is improved by adding support for Oracle 10g.

SharePoint plug-in
A plug-in for SharePoint is introduced.  This plug-in supports restores down to item/document level.

Server Edition extra wizard steps to configure advanced options
The Setup Wizard now enables you to configure a range of advanced options during the initial account creation process, even the option to configure installed plug-ins.

Backup Client Health Check
A health check can be performed on demand to verify the available free space for the cache folder, database and temporary working space, and will highlight any potential issues.

Plug-in warnings and errors sent to the Storage Platform for reporting
Send plug-in warnings and errors to the Storage Platform so that it can be displayed in the Overview report and populated in the Enterprise Reporting database.  Currently these messages are displayed in the Backup Client logs and the Reporting plug-in.

Backup and restore log file retention period
Add the ability to specify a log file retention period in the Backup Client, e.g. to only keep the last 90 days.  Log files older than this date will be deleted and the Backup Client will apply this setting during each backup.

Show system wide exclusions in red
System wide file and folder exclusions (configured in the Exclusions tab) are currently listed in the backup logs, but not visually displayed in the Backup Selection tab as all other exclusions.

Log file enhancements
Add the Summary option, as currently available in the Storage Platform Console, to only view a summary of each log file.  The option to display date stamps in each log file and (email reporting) will also be added e.g. 2007/02/24 08:42:16 [message].

Multiple Language option
If multiple language files are available, the option to manually choose between the available languages and override the default Operating System setting were added.

Proper warning if two computers backup to one account
Display proper warnings if there are two computers/servers backing up to the same backup account on the Storage Platform.  These warnings will also be sent to the Enterprise Reporting database.

Other enhancements

  • Setup Wizard and Options dialog cosmetics.
  • SQL plug-in selection enhancements to automatically add newly created databases if everything is included.
  • Backup prepare time cosmetics in the backup summary to write the complete time e.g. 00:24:17 instead of 24 min
  • SIMS plug-in: encrypt the password in the properties file
  • Remove the ‘Restore file and folder permissions option’ in the generic Unix Server Edition.
  • Improved speed control (throttle) in the Backup Client, especially on multi-processor machines.



Enhanced Profiling
Enhance Profiling in the Storage Platform Console by expanding the functionality to include additional options including plug-in settings, advanced options and the backup selection.

New Deployment Module
Redesign the current Deployment Module and add the functionality to choose between Desktop & Laptop Edition and Server Edition deployments, include the default file selection, and the ability to add additional files, e.g. plug-ins and configuration files.

Create backup copy of settings.ini files on the FileServer
Create a backup copy of the Backup Account settings.ini file on the FileServer after each backup; to ensure that a secondary file is available should the original file become corrupted.

MirrorServer Enhancements
The ability to cancel the mirror or MirrorServer restore processes were added to the toolbar.  MirrorServer traffic shaping is  introduced to allow a shaping schedule to specify transfer rate limits e.g. to use 64kb/s from 08h00 until 18h00 and then 128kb/s.  The option to mirror a MirrorServer (daisy chain) is also available and a new mirroring option is introduced to create and store the same amount of month-ends on the MirrorServer as configured on the FileServer.

Account limit overspill
A new Backup Group option will allow the Backup Administrator to specify an overspill limit to allow backup accounts to backup a certain percentage above their account limit.  The Storage Platform will allow the backup, but a warning will be logged and the account highlighted in the Console.

Sanity check enhancements
Add the functionality to configure Sanity Checks from the Storage Platform Console.  Missing index files will also form part of the Sanity Check process.

Move Backup Accounts between groups
The Storage Platform Console will support the functionality to move version 5 Backup Clients to another Backup Group on the same Storage Platform.

Multiple FileServers on one machine
A utility to simplify the installation process of multiple FileServers on one server will be available in the Storage Platform installation folder.

Other enhancements

  • Export to CSV button on group and account level
  • Storage Platform installer modifications
  • MirrorServer option to configure the duration that deleted accounts must remain in the Marked_For_Delete folder
  • Vista support for the Storage Platform Console
  • Extra XML-RPC calls to optimize Backup Group and Account information retrieval
  • Option to disable SSL encryption during the mirror process and when moving Backup Accounts between FileServers.


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