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KB234: Adding Attix5 online FAQ to RSS reader

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Posted: 26 Jan, 2009
by: Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 27 Jan, 2009
by: Van Rensburg J.
We frequently update our knowledge base with new tips, fixes etc. To make sure you are up to date with the latest articles, simply add the FAQ site to your preferred RSS reader.

Add the following URL as a new entry in your RSS reader:

If you don’t have a RSS reader, use one of the following options:
1. Interner Explorer V7
2. Vista Gadgets
3. Outlook 2007
4. Outlook (other) - using NewsGator

1. Internet Explorer V7

Adding the feed url the quick way:

  • Browse to: http://faq.attix5.com/kb/rss.php
  • Click on the ‘Subscribe to this feed’ link

  • To view the feed, simply go back to Favourites and select Knowledgebase RSS, or select the RSS Feed button from the toolbar.

Adding the feed the long way:

  • Browse to http://faq.attix5.com
  • Select the 2.0 RSS image (bottom right of the page)
  • Select the image again, except this time select the top right one.
  • Now add the feed as mentioned in the ‘quick way’

2. Vista Gadgets
  • Add the RSS feed to Internet Explorer as mentioned above.
  • Starting Gadgets the first time.
    1. Go to Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Windows Sidebar Properties.
    2. Select ‘Start Sidebar when Windows starts’ and OK to set

  • Next, add the Gadget, ‘Feed Headlines’
    1. Select Add gadgets to Sidebar (option below Windows Sidebar Properties) or click on the Plus icon of the Sidebar.
    2. A window will appear showing available gadgets. Double click on Feed Headlines or click and drag to the Sidebar.
    3. Right click on the Gadget in the sidebar. Select Options.
    4. Select the Knowledgebase feed and number of articles to be listed.

3. Outlook 2007

The built in RRS feed reader of Outlook 2007 can be used in the following way:

  • Add a new RSS feed with a right-button click on the RSS feeds node:

  • Enter the Attix5 RSS URL in the given dialogue window:

  • Click on the Add button and start reading the first couple of RSS FAQ feeds that will come through immediately:

4. NewsGator Inbox (Non Outlook 2007)

This utility creates an Outlook folder called NewsGator Inbox. Any RSS feeds you add will be added as a subfolder where updates are stored, each feed configured etc.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Microsoft Outlook® 2000 or later
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or later

Download the utility from NewsGator.com
Go to
http://www.newsgator.com/individuals/newsgatorinbox/default.aspx. Click on Free Download.


  • Close Outlook
  • Run the downloaded installer – NGInboxSetup.msi
  • Start Outlook. This will start the NewsGator setup wizard.

You can skip the account creation option as the feed will still be checked and updated.
If following the account setup, choose the option ‘No thanks – I’ll add my own subscriptions’ when prompted.

Add the Knowledgebase feed
  • Bring up the NewsGator menu by clicking on NewsGator Inbox

  • Select Add Subscriptions
  • Supply the url http://faq.attix5.com/kb/rss.php and select Next

  • Select Knowledgebase RSS, click on > to add the Folder. Next to continue

  • On the next page a message will be shown that the New Subscription has been added. Tick the option ‘I want to change more properties of my new subscriptions’ and select Next. This will display the Subscription Setting Window

Subscription Settings:

  • Supply a different name if required
  • Tick ‘Treat modified post as new’
  • Select and set an update interval
  • OK to save

Now browse to the NewsGator Inbox folder, My News, Knowledgebase RSS.
Here you will find all the updated FAQ articles from the Attix5 online FAQ.

All that remains is to configure the NewsGator settings to your liking (Right-click properties on the Knowledgebase RSS folder and other options via the NewGator Inbox menu)

If you want, add the Knowledgebase RSS folder to your Favourite Folders.


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