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KB270: SP V5.1 Update 6

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Posted: 09 Nov, 2010
by: Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 29 May, 2012
by: Harnekar T.

Note: This fix is applicable to Version 5.1 to use the WBAdmin plugin to backup the system state on Server 2008.

The update can be downloaded here: SP-5.1-update-6.zip. Note that the fix is NOT white-branded, which means it is a Attix5 branded update.
For instructions on branded updates, please contact support.

When to install the patch
  • If your NameServer version is below
  • If your FileServer is below v5.1.1.12
  • If your Server Edition Backup Clients are below v5.1.3
  • If your VSS or System state plugins are below V1.19

Changes & Fixes

NS update to

  • Update to allow use of System State (using Wbadmin) plugin

SE Auto upgrade to v5.1.4.0

  • Allows use of System State (using Wbadmin) plugin


  • Stop the NameServer service
  • Replace NS_Service.exe with the one included
  • Place Plugin*.zip in the ClientUpdates folder on the SP
  • Place ClientUpdate_*.zip in the ClientUpdates\A5BP\Windows\ folder on the SP.
  • Start up the NameServer and ensure it is now on
  • Do a backup with a Backup Client and ensure it auto-updates to V5.1.4.0
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