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Running Attix5 Backup Pro version 5.1 or earlier as a non-admin user on Mac

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Posted: 12 Mar, 2012
by: Harnekar T.
Updated: 12 Mar, 2012
by: Harnekar T.

The installed default settings for Attix5 Backup Pro version 5.1 or earlier will need manual permissions adjustment if the backup is to be run by a non-admin user. Version 6 and above install with the correct permissions to be used by non-admin users.

Installation steps

  1. Log in as an administrative user and install Attix5 Backup Professional as normal.
  2. Note the username of the user you will be logging in as.
  3. While still logged in as an administrative user, open a terminal window and close the Backup Monitor and Attix5 Backup Pro applications if open.

Post-installation steps

Permissions need to be set for the various folders used by Attix5 Backup Professional. The ownership of /Applications/Attix5 Backup Professional SE.app and all contents need to be set to the user's username, with everyone granted read write access. The same ownership and permissions should be set for  /Applications/Backup Monitor.app and /System/Library/StartupItems/A5Backup.

The only exception to this is for "a5backup" in /Applications/ Attix5 Backup Professional SE.app/Contents/Resources - the owner of this should be root.

Note: The following steps apply for Attix5 D&L client, and also any Attix5 rebrands. Simply adjust the paths to match the paths used by your installer.

The simplest way to set the correct permissions is using terminal. Using terminal, run the command “sudo –s” to enter super user mode.

Note: You may encounter permissions issues if using “su” to enter super user mode.

Enter the following commands, replacing “user” with the username of your user:

  • chown –R user:everyone /Applications/Attix5\ Backup\ Professional\ SE.app/
  • chmod –R ga+rwx /Application/Attix5\ Backup\ Professional\ SE.app/
  • chown root:everyone /Applications/Attix5\ Backup\ Professional\ SE.app/Contents/Resources/a5backup
  • chmod ga+rwx /Applications/Attix5\ Backup\ Professional\ SE.app/Contents/Resources/a5backup
  • chown -R user:everyone /Applications/Backup\ Monitor.app/
  • chmod -R ga+rwx /Applications/Backup\ Monitor.app/
  • chown -R user:everyone /System/Library/StartupItems/A5Backup
  • chmod -R ga+rwx /System/Library/StartupItems/A5Backup

Edit the /Applications/Attix5 Backup Professional.app/Contents/Resources/a5backup file (using vi, pico or other text editor) set the BACKUP_USER to the appropriate username. For example, with “user” as the username, “BACKUP_USER=user”

Note: If the Mac is 64-bit, you will need to set the option "-d32" in the A5OPTIONS setting at this point.

Save and close the file.

Still using the text editor, create a file in the user’s home directory called “startsvc”. For example, “vi /Users/user/startsvc”. Enter the following text in the file:

#! /bin/sh

/System/Library/StartupItems/A5Backup/A5Backup start

Save and close the file.

Ownership of the startsvc file needs to be set to the user, and the file made executable. This can also be done from terminal with the following commands:

  • chown user:user /Users/user/startsvc
  • chmod +x /Users/user/startsvc

Close the terminal window, log out the administrative user, and log in as the non-admin user. Go to System Preferences > Accounts, and select the user on the left.

Click the Login Items tab, click on the plus to add an item. A browse window will open in the /Users/<username> folder.

Choose the file startsvc, which should show up as a Unix executable binary, click Add, and close the window.

Restart (or logoff then login), and the script should start the A5Backup service.

Start the Backup Monitor application manually, and set this to Open at Login.

Backup Monitor should run without appearing with a "stopped" icon, and you should be able to launch Attix5 Backup Professional client from this, or directly from the Applications folder.

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